I am a tri-lingual Marketing Professional and Corporate Coach with a unique blend of international business education, marketing expertise, corporate business knowledge and design talent. With over 10 years of experience in driving market share, brand recognition and revenue improvement through strategic marketing initiatives and effective brand management in diverse markets, my proven track record has been marked by successful company rebrands, innovation product marketing, sales readiness, event planning and marketing, branding & execution and global marketing strategies planning and execution.

Specifically, my expertise and passion lie in Branding, Product Marketing, Multi-Cultural Marketing, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Events, Personal Branding and Team Building/ Coaching.

I specialize in building “something from nothing” by using integrated direct marketing strategies that drive business results and develop new markets.  In my experience in Brand Management and Product Marketing I am busy creating innovative marketing initiatives that bolster brand awareness and increase bottom line results for over 300 franchises worldwide and my marketing materials communicate the value proposition of our global approach to our sales team. My endless pursuit of changing the revenue needle for the better, always compels me to incorporate the sales tools and detailed materials that support the selling process of specific product functionality worldwide for every campaign I launch.

Marketing is such a part of me and fascinates me to no end. I sincerely love what I do as seen by my portolio of projects and always bring endless energy and contagious passion to my work. In additional to Marketing, I am also fascinated with Emotional Intelligence and Relationship Building efforts. With my experience and training I am able to catalyze creative ideas and solutions whenever possible especially in large task teams, essential in any organization. In completing my education for corporate coaching, I learned that instilling motivation in all my team efforts as both strategic leader and tactical contributor is a huge catalyst for productivity and change. As a leader, I have turned around teams that were mired in bureaucracy and office politics and turned them around to highly efficient and effective teams.

“I have always been impressed with Shirley’s great business skills and dedication. Although I would not hesitate to hire her for any marketing position based on her abilities to reach out and motivate customers, Shirley also has amazing mentorship skills and would be an excellent mentor and coach to others. Her positive personality and strong work ethic are a perfect match for a marketing leadership position at any company.” ~ Michael O’Neil, Business Development Executive at Avanade


Areas of Expertise

    • Agency & External Resource Management
    • Creative Direction & Design Development
    • Packaging & Collateral Systems
    • Strategic & Tactical Marketing Plans
    • International Business
    • Web Development
    • Web Strategy
    • Group Dynamics & Coaching
    • Project Management
    • International Marketing
    • Executive Presentations & Public Speaking Coaching